Wooden Fuels Directly to Your Boiler

Revolutionary e-commerce site, where you order high-quality Czech wooden fuel to be delivered to your backyard. We launched this project during our time in Motion Media and now we focus mainly on developing the back-end system that is supposed to make work as easy as possible for everyone at the company.


Waldera is a Czech manufacturer and distributor of wood pellets. And our task was to sell a package - high-quality fuel combined with a service of comfortable delivery and unloading of heavy pallets directly to the boiler with a forklift.

In order to be able to sell a comfortable delivery, the customer must see the final price, including shipping, when selecting the quantity. Therefore, they must first fill in the address to see the prices of the products.

In a tailor-made map, Waldera dispatchers can change prices not only according to the distance from the warehouse, but also reduce the price at places where they often deliver, and increase the price where they do not want to go.

The price zones are linked to prices of individual products. Each postal code in the Republic has its price for a specific product.

To simplify logistics, we have created a shipping planner and simple CRM in one. Individual non-binding orders are projected on the map and the dispatcher assigns them the dates of the deliveries and the driver. In addition, the merchant can see the confirmed locations on the map and offer fuel to customers who are on the route.

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