Experts Who Are Not Afraid
to Get Their Hands Dirty

We are online business experts with years of experience working at digital agencies, dealing with big clients and launching our own projects. We create smart projects that make money and also make life easier. We are connecting technology and business to boost our clients’ profits at rocket speed.

Rocket Club was founded at 2016 after years of experience at digital agencies, working for our clients and also being the client ourselves.

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Our 8 Simple Values

1. Content above Form

A sparkly, prettied up project is useless unless it either saves or makes money. Our work needs to be useful above all.

2. Straightforward Solutions

You don’t need a Swiss Army knife to butter the bread. When possible, we use existing tools and solutions.

3. User Experience

Our projects make us want to use them ourselves. Easy, fun to use, handy and serviceable!

4. Systemic Approach

We are no bull in a china shop! We understand your project in wider context of your business. We make strategic decisions that are useful in the long term.

5. We Are Experts on Laymen

We don’t take advantage of your lack of expertise in our field. We talk, offer possibilities and explain. We turn laymen into not-laymen.

6. We’ll Level with You

When you come up with some nonsense, we tell you. Gently. We explain why we think so and help you find a better solution.

7. Client Independence

We don’t want you to be reliant on us. The projects are yours and we build them for you to do as you please with them.

8. A Serious Relationship

We are not a one night stand. We will be available during the entire project and we won’t let you down in case you need something fixed or upgraded.

9. Something Extra

You always get more than what you see. We bring our own perspective and approach that go beyond the scope of your specifications and requirements.

Meet Rocket Club

David Hoza

Consultation, Sales, Managing director

Experienced online business consultant with deep knowledge of information technology, digital products, online services and psychology. His strong suits are product and UX/UI design, ideamaking, communication and systemic thinking. In the company, he always sticks his nose into everyone’s work.

Aleš Havlát

Project management, Consultation

Aleš has been in online business since he was 15. He’s done a lot of successfull projects such as microsites, lead-generation websites, full-blown e-commerce websites and even pornsites. Thanks to these various experiences, he is able to provide his clients with business, strategic and systemic consultation.

Martina Novotná

Backoffice, Research

Martina used to be responsible for millions of crowns in cash. Now she’s in charge of smooth running of the company, invoicing, accounting, expenses, researching and helping our team out.

Iva Hlaváčková

Project management, Consultation

Iva is seasoned in online marketing, web presentation, digital technology and data analysis. She aquired her expertise in various digital agencies and multinational corporations in FMCG and automotive fields. At the moment, she works 24/7 on Project Newborn.

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