Stables from the Future

For Prague Premium Stables, we have devised and produced an ecosystem to run the business of stables and to communicate with clients through the mobile app, an interactive touch-screen for booking rides and screens for staff working with horses.

The client decided to buy stables after finding out that the stables in the Czech Republic are generally in a deplorable state and yet the owners still charge high fees for them. He decided to build beautiful modern stables that are more appropriate with today's demands.

The client asked us to help him make the stables even more high-end with the help of technology. We agreed to produce a stable management system, a website, a mobile application for clients and interactive screens.

We were one of the first developers in the Czech Republic to use Chrome Kiosk for interactive whiteboards, a tool for running and managing fullscreen applications on Google Chrome OS screens.

Thanks to the mobile application, all clients have perfect awarness of their horses and the stables. They can book a riding hall, adjust their horse's diet and daily routine. We are also preparing a feature that will allow them to watch the horse through a webcam.

We had photoshoot of the area and horses for the website, and the pictures turned out absolutely fantastic.

We are online business experts with years of experience working at digital agencies, dealing with big clients and launching our own projects. We create smart projects that make money and also make life easier. We are connecting technology and business to boost our clients’ profits at rocket speed.

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