No More Dry-cleaners Errands

The first Czech online dry cleaning and laundry. We designed and built a beautiful website with a simple ordering process and a smart internal order processing system,
which makes employees work easier, gives owners an overview of everything that is going on, yet it is so simple that even a laundress can control it.

Within 3 minutes, you can order a pick-up service for your dirty laundry and plan the return - even for the next day, if you like. Either you choose to have the laundry checked in the laundryroom and the price is sent to you by e-mail, or you can fill in what items your dirty laundry contains and find out the price in advance.

We have been working with We Hate Ironing since David and Ondra were still working in Motion Media. We invented, produced and launched the entire We Hate Ironing project.

After a few years of existence, the project needed refreshment. Our job was to redesign the website to make it easier and more likeable for people.

As a customer, you can log in to see your entire order history, alter the information that are pre-filled in your orders, or invite friends to gain vouchers as a reward.

The project also includes a smart administration with various authorizations for business owners, managers, drivers and laundresses. For example, a driver only needs a mobile phone to conveniently handle the laudry collection directly from the car.

We are online business experts with years of experience working at digital agencies, dealing with big clients and launching our own projects. We create smart projects that make money and also make life easier. We are connecting technology and business to boost our clients’ profits at rocket speed.

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