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Obce v Datech is a data startup that offers detailed information about the quality of life in the Czech Republic. Website visitors can easily see which city is most suitable for them, and municipalities can finally manage their community based on data.

Obce v Datech team came up with a way to gather a lot of interesting data about municipalities from different sources, combine it all together and process it into indexes so that municipalities can be compared to each other. Our task was to devise and implement a web portal that will communicate this data comprehensibly and humanly.

For the success and understanding of the project, it was very important to devise a way to visualize the indexes so that they could be easy to understand for ordinary people. We tried more than 30 variants to find "the right" visualization.

Each municipality on the site has its own page with all index data. And for all the 206 pages to be nice, we had to find a good photo for each. And it turned out to be much more of a challenge than we thought. For some of them, we could not find any photo at all and some of them just confused us. Did you know there is not just one Frydlant?

On the day of the launch, the attendance was 17 thousand people thanks to the PR campaign that the client prepared. We watched traffic in real time, and in the best moments there were more than 400 people on the website at once.

We also created a handy administration, that allows Obce v Datech modify the entire content of the website independently.

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